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Company Profile
Qingdao WELLDOER Ocean Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd, was located in Qingdao with branch office at Rizhao, Guangzhou ,Shanghai , Nantong, and Dalian with senior engineers and senior professional technician team. We specialize in ship repair/maintenance during her discharging at Chinese Port and dry docking in shipyard. Company take business diversification to provide one-stop service which could offer our customers total solution.
Company Profile
Company profile
Qingdao WELLDOER Ocean Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd. has senior engineers and professional technical team, has a lot of experience in sea repair and emergency repair, to provide high quality and efficient service for domestic and foreign shipowners in China harbor anchorage shipyard, the company provides one-stop service for shipowners with diversified business.
Qingdao WELLDOER Ocean Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd. are all graduates from domestic higher shipbuilding professional schools, such as 4 graduates from Jiaotong University. The company has more than ten full-time professional and technical personnel, three of whom have been awarded the title of senior engineer by Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, at the same time, there are experienced personnel engaged in shipyard interior decoration professional work for a long time, as well as professional art designers, who have enough ability to undertake all kinds of high standard interior decoration requirements of ship design and construction work. We have a number of complete types of work, comprehensive technology of the interior construction team, long engaged in the interior construction in the shipyard, can ensure the completion of the interior construction task on time and make the quality of the project meet the original design requirements.
The company's performance
In order to further improve the professional level, in the company for luxury design, modern, comfortable luxury cruise, and, in line with international standards, the company also organizes the design staff, material procurement and site construction management personnel to take star luxury cruise ships, with the problems from various aspects to visit method.finally, horizons broadened the company personnel, enlarged the design idea, enriched the connotation of the design. In order to make the interior decoration design of the tourist ship more modern and novel, the company also pays attention to introducing the modern avant-garde decoration style and decoration materials of the land hotel into the ship decoration, so as to meet the personalized and humanized requirements.

The company vision
Qingdao WELLDOER Ocean Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd, with the domestic and foreign many ships and equipment companies maintained close relations of cooperation, we believe that under the fierce market competition, Qingdao WELLDOER Ocean Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd. company as a built in engineering design, material procurement, wood furniture manufacturing and construction general contracting ability within the professional company, It is fully capable of contracting all kinds of ships and related matters. In addition, in order to meet the needs of the market, Qingdao WELLDOER Ocean Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd. has expanded the scope of contracting, which can complete all the work related to the whole ocean engineering technology. We hope that in the future, we can cooperate with the new and old customers at home and abroad, to complete all kinds of design and construction tasks, to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win.
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